SFLR Preview: Behzad Dayeny

It is said an army marches on its stomach, but the same is true of a college campus. For many years I appreciated the three squares at Santa Fe Community College campus–filling, nourishing, often interesting food. It was only recently that I realized our head of food services was also a poet. We’re glad to publish him again–his work also appeared in our last issue. Poetry editor Sudasi selected this–for me, the last iage really reached out and got my attention. Enjoy.


Standing frozen
In the moment
Trains dash by
And so do terrains
Planes fly by
A hat blows
In the wind
Plastic bags
Trying to break
Free from the tree
Caw, caw, caw
Coughs the crow
A feather falls
Off the falcon
Still frozen
A mannequin
In the window
Snow comes
Snow melts
Destroy cities
Climb higher
Man walks
On Jupiter
Sun becomes
Less bright
Winters linger
Longer, and
A woman
Dreams about
A red dress

Behzad Dayeny, Director of Food Services at Santa Fe Community College. Born in Iran, I have been living in Santa Fe since 1984

3 thoughts on “SFLR Preview: Behzad Dayeny

  1. What awesome imagery!!! Don’t stop painting pictures with words, you are gifted. The connection between creating dishes and poetry is the same Infinite source, YOU!!
    Ron Edwards

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