SFLR Preview Poem–Yves C. Lucero

Yves C. Lucero


Single Frenchicano male, 42 and proudly bald, seeks inspiration for long term relationship. Hobbies include scribbling, musing, teeth grinding and wiping beads
of blood off forehead after staring at blank page for extended periods. If you are free spirited, fun-loving, dangerous and neurotic, then you’re probably reading Rumi.

The Greater Fool

I used to play the game
volleying digital money
over nets
and grosses,
skirting margins –
a momentum trader
greedily searching for
The Seven Cities of Gold
in a virtual maze,
not heeding the signs –
caveat emptor.

Now it is gone.
The inheritance built
by years of toil,
gambled and lost,
shame the only dividend,
the only given
in the rigging.

And something else
has taken its place.

I want to render
the buildings of commerce
into heaps of fiery rubble.
I want to grind the bones
of CEO’s
to meal,
to fertilize
my common daisy
as it bursts
through the ashes –
a green temple.

I can no longer
listen to the bullshit:
speak of politics,
I will be picking apples.

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