Lilliput Review

The mail has been boring for about fifteen years. Love notes, gigs, invitations–all these now come by e-mail. But on a snowy day this week my blue mailbox did hold an envelope full of expectation. Out fluttered bright bits of paper like oversized confetti–the newest publications from Lilliput.
Lilliput Review #171 (!) is bright blue with a Picasso-esque political sketch on the cover. Palm sized, it is full of tiny poems, and some wild fun illustrations by Wayne Hogan. I liked this couplet from Charlie Mehroff:

Going nowhere.
Always packed and ready.

There is a lot of variety here, with work traditional and experimental, but hard to beat Dennis Maloney’s translation of Yosano Akikio’s tanka:

A branch
Of wild plum
Is sufficient
For this brief
Brief parting

Lilliput Review #172 is pinkish, sports a secret garden image, and is entirely devoted to 15 poems by Ed Markowski. These have the feel of senryu:

zen garden
the old scarecrow imitates
a young monk

and seem to meditation on the divine–both preset and absent:

midnight mass
i add a few casino chips
to the collection plate

Enjoyable all around. Lilliput Review/Don Wentworth. Editor/282 Main Street/Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Subscriptions & Sample Copy Price Schedule
    1 issue    = $1.00 or a SASE or 2 stamps
    6 issues   = $5.00 
   15 issues  = $10.00
       Institutions: 12 issues = $12.00
       Payment should be made out to:
                 “Don Wentworth”

And check out the blog– for Issa’s Untidy Hut

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