Modern Haiku

Haiku may be like stars in the sky–or ants at a picnic–but in any case where there is one there are usually many. Charles Trumbull, who has been the editor of MODERN HAIKU since 2006, estimates that as a rule, for one issue, he receives submissions of:

2,763 haiku & senryu
70 haibun
12 sequences

He accepts about 7%, a somewhat larger percentage than other excellent journals.
In any case, the current issue, Volume 41.1 Winter-Spring 2010 is a handsome one. From what looks like an abstract painting (but is actually an image of graffiti) in red and black on the cover to the selection of haiga (haiku and images) in the Poetry Gallery section, MODERN HAIKU presents as both traditional and yes, modern, in its approach. MODERN HAIKU stands out over of the years for its informative and intellectual essays, and for a selection of haiku that is never limited to pure imagism. These haiku also mean something. Here are a few.
From Janelle Barrena:

winter crocus–
she’s outlived
everyone she loves

And Allan Burns writes:

a willow reveals
the underground stream
Dharma Day

I also liked the tension and contrast in David Caruso’s haiku:

above the trees
beyond my reach
her balloon, her certainty

Subscriptions are $30 in the US by regular mail, $35 by first-class mail.
(3 issues); Modern Haiku, PO Box 33077, Santa Fe, NM 87594-3077

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