Interview with Natalie Goldberg: Part 2

Miriam Sagan: I love your book on painting LIVING COLOR. I’ve so enjoyed
looking at painting with you, and happen to love your painting as well.
I’m curious–how did you come to care so much about abstract art? If I
didn’t know, I’d say you were drawn more to the representational. How
do you access it?

Natalie Goldberg: yes mostly i paint representational things like a duck, a church, a piano and make them look like they took lsd.  but it was after katagiri roshi died that i had a need to express things outside of form, to express the formless world.  i’ve painted for 35years.  but it was hard just to come to the page empty of the known world.  i would begin in the middle of a piece of paper and grab a stick of pastel, a crayon, a colored pencil, a paint brush and just begin as though i had no words. how do you say something you feel when you have no words?  i dont’ think i’ve been totally successful but i’ve done some pieces i like.

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