Natalie Goldberg Interview: Part 3

Miriam Sagan: I think of you as someone who fulfilled her dream of becoming a
successful writer. Is this true? Did you get what you imagined? Is
there anything you don’t like about being a writer? If you weren’t a
writer, what would you be?

Natalie Goldberg:
i’d be an opera singer or a farmer or the principal of a small public elementary school in texas.  and yes i did achieve what i wanted. i wanted to be a successful writer.  i didn’t know what i was getting myself into. it’s lonely. it feels like i’m still stuck doing term papers in school while the rest of the world grew up and had a career. you can never count on an income. you have to stay true to yourself because if you don’t you write poppycock (whatever that is).  i would like it if people read my current books and didn’t keep referring to a book i wrote in l986 called writing down the bones. i’ve moved on.  if they like my first book why not read others?  i’d like it if i could go to a hot springs naked and no one recognize me. 


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