What Are the 10 Most Important Things In Your Life?

What are the ten most important things in your life?

I thought up this writing/thinking prompt because I sometimes found myself in confusing conversations where other people assumed I didn’t care about things like home decorating, money, or beauty treatments. As in a family member saying something like “you’re such a hippie, you don’t care about money.” I started listing things in order of importance and found out I did care, just that these items weren’t that high up (well, not beauty treatments, I obviously never care).
When I was young, writing was number one–the top of the list. It has dropped as the years have passed, less important than other people. Interestingly, though, after a recent lecture someone said “well, you’re selfish” in response to a statement about prioritizing writing. My feeling has always been more accepting of the ebb and flow of priorities. Who wants to appear unselfish enough to give up creating art? But I was never one to feel I’d save a poem from a burning house instead of a baby!
So–what are the ten most important things in your life?
The next ten?
The next?

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