Miriam’s Well is on Vacation

I have really been enjoying blogging here for almost five months. Thanks so much to readers, contributors, and commentators! I’m about to go on a vacation and take a break–so expect no new posts from May 29 until June 6.
After that, it should be blog as usual, with an emphasis on Patti Smith. I’m looking for contributions on what Patti Smith has meant to you, responses to the new book JUST KIDS, etc. I’m glad to interview you on this subject, too.
Hopefully I’ll also be blogging this summer from a writer’s residency in Iceland. And in the upcoming months highlighting work from writing workshops at the Georgia O’K Museum, THE LAND/An Art Site in Mountainair, Site Santa Fe, and possibly Mabel Dodge Luhan in Taos.
And always looking for work that meets the themes of Miriam’s Well. And your ideas and suggestions! Keep in touch.

1 thought on “Miriam’s Well is on Vacation

  1. Hi Miriam,
    Hope you’re having a good vacation. Please put me on your email mailing list for upcoming writing workshops. Thanks.

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