Beautiful fat housecats with tags walking about in public parks and city streets, chasing birds, purring for a pat–calico and tortoise shell and lovely brown or all black.
A modern design store selling stylized lamps shaped like Viking horned helmets–pink and white.
A melancholy feeling when we first arrive Sunday around noon (easy not too expensive bus from Blue Lagoon practically to the door of Hotel Fron). Trash and cigarette butts, peeling facades, lace curtains below street level, a purple flowerpot nailed to a wall, little half tended yards of wildflowers.

Zeroxed palmprints in a window, a poster with an obscene drawing a La R. Crumb labeled “caterpillar,” ordinary graffiti tags everywhere and then someone spray painting in broad daylight in a public park–something large and vivid and obviously allowed. A little flea market with fancy shoes and anarchist magazines and countrystyle, nicely bundled stems of rhubarb. On a chic street a yellow tin shed with a pale green roof in total decay.Hallgrímskirkja (Hallgrim’s Church) in Reykjavik is the tallest  church in Iceland–soaring upward a bit like the Witch’s castle in “Wizard of Oz” or like a giant stone ship turned with its prow facing heavenward. It is called a cathedral but is Lutheran. A statue of Leif Erikson stands in front, art deco style striding Viking who “discovered” America.Somehow reminding me of San Francsisco, Haight Street in the early 80’s, and then realizing it is because there is water on two sides with competing light.

Fountain statue of a girl embracing a fish.

An artificial blue rose in a shop window.
What typifies the place for me–a quiche made of root vegetables. And an excellent cup of coffee.

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