Reykjavik to Laugarvatn

Left Reykjavik this morning. I ended up feeling I could live there (Kath was less taken by that thought) but that I’d need a punk rock band or an underground magazine or something. Passed a Viking ship sculpture on the harbor–airy and spikey and like all Viking ships, capable of going in either direction without turning around.
We got slightly lost, in part because place names are still confusing. Arrived in Laugarvatn (which means bathing waters or hot springs) and asked around and soon found the apartments which belong to Gullkistan residency for creative people ( and on Facebook.) Gullkistan is the name of a volcanic formation on the mountain behind town–which means treasure chest. The town of about 200 people is a “school town” which serves the area–the buildings become hotels in the summer as there is a gorgeous lake spreading out at the base of town with black lava sand and steam rising at the edge.
We are in what is considered the Viking heartland–it is lusher than the coast, with a feeling of uplands, and lots of very furry sheep and shaggy Arctic ponies.
We were greeted warmly–and also shown the old farmhouse that is part of Gullkistan. We have an apartment with balcony and lake view. Did some arranging and unpacked groceries (shopping was fun and not too daunting, although heavy on those affordable root veggies). Our neighbor is an Icelandic playwright.
Best of all, around 9 pm we walked two minutes to the big local swimming pool which is warm and clear and also has three hot tubs at different temperatures–for $3.50. People were out–it rained a bit but is still quite light. It just gets crepuscular for a few hours in the dead of night. In this case case the dead of night is a white night–and the darkest hour is not before dawn.

4 thoughts on “Reykjavik to Laugarvatn

  1. I am so taken with your descriptions of Iceland. I’ve always wanted to go ,and so am living vicariously through you and your blogs! Thank you Miriam, xo Meg

  2. Meg–talk to me when we get together next semester–there seem to be 3 writer’s colonies here–all offer very subsidized housing in an expensive country (which is getting less expensive by the minutes).

  3. I too am enjoying your posts immensely. I can play a passable rhythm guitar, in case you need me for your Icelandic punk rock band. Also, I’ve also wanted to have a punk/grunge band named “Kitty Coughed up a Hairball”. Much love! S.

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