Blaberjaskyrterta–Blueberry Skyre Torte

Skyre looks like yogurt but apparently is actually cheese–high in protein and served as a flavored drink as well as eaten in numerous ways. I had dessert in the quiet dining room of the nearby hotel mid-afternoon. The recipe is below. It looked a bit like key lime pie, with a blueberry skyre base, then a thick clear jam on top, plus blueberries. Probably enough carbs for the rest of the trip–but worth it!


250g plain skyr
250g vanilla skyr 
500ml whipping cream
½ packet LU Bastogne biscuits – or Digestive biscuits 
50g butter 
½ jar blueberry jam
1 box blueberries (approx 250g)
•    Crunch the biscuits, melt the butter and mix together
•    Put into a round 24cm cake tin
•    Whip the cream
•    Mix the skyr carefully together with the cream
•    Put cream and skyr mix onto the biscuit mix in the tin
•    Smooth the jam onto the cream and skyr mix and add the berries on top
•    Refrigerate for 2 hours before serving
From: Vilborg Þórðardóttir
Home: Reykjavík
Work: FX Specialist – Glitnir Bank

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