Trail Markers with Quiz

School Town

Kath followed the path north away from the lake and up towards mountain–there are funny informational signs along the trail maintained by the town. The first one is about Bjarni Bjarnason who was a headmaster here and a sports hero. Then, in true pedagogical style there is a quiz on the sign:

Bjarni was a sports hero in judo and fencing
Bjarni was a sports hero in wrestling and swimming

Well, you guessed right if you picked the second!

He is known for the remark: Boring classes should be forbidden by law.

We kept walking, lots of wild strawberries yet to fruit and some brilliant magenta cosmos. A little newish graveyard well tended with pansies.

The next sign read: “Birch forest is a peace (sic) of land were (sic) birch is the dominant species.”

No birches, though I looked, just some lovely evergreens which are not a common sight in this often treeless country. Birds we couldn’t identify. Sheen of lake below.

Kath reported that further on there was a marker about a housewives’ school. Housewives got a special week off a year in the autumn and got to convene in a school here. Although it didn’t say what they studied. Darning? But this hasn’t been true for many years.

I love informational markers and these were truly unusual.

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