New From Lilliput Review:

Here are some of my favorite picks from a recent selection of one of the smallest–and most jam packed with brilliance–little magazines I read.

#173 has a wild coffee pot on its yellow cover. A very evocative tanka by Peggy Heinrich:

Digging up iris
to divide them…
was it better
to discover his lie
after he died?

And as a reader I’m interested, provoked, and ultimately can’t answer that question.

#175 features this senryu by John Martone

watching a wasp
working harder
than me

#176 has this one by the master Issa, translated by Dennis Maloney:

Where I’m from
Even the
flies bite.

(I have to say this stimulates my thinking, making me remember I’m from the often harsh state of N.J. where the flies can bite, and then how in Iceland there were no–or very few–biting insects.)

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