Bird Haiku by Alan Summers

down side streets –

seagulls turning the sky

in and out


autumn twilight …

swan shapes separate

for the lone boatman


powdered snow-

a crow’s eyes above

the no parking sign


sulphur-crested cockatoos


a green sundown


sunlight breaks

on a bird

and its portion of the roof


into tropical air

rainbow lorikeets –

a mango restaurant closed

Alan Summers
With Words:

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About Miriam Sagan

I'm blogging about poetry, land art, haiku, women artists, road trips, and Baba Yaga at Miriam's Well ( The well is ALWAYS looking to publish poetry on our themes, sudden fiction, and guest bloggers and musers.

5 thoughts on “Bird Haiku by Alan Summers

  1. Now you know I have to comment on “into tropical air”…as it set off a chain of circumstances as stunning to me as a burst of rainbow lorikeets rising into air…into the sunlight….
    Thanks, Alan
    P.S. I wonder how many other lives Alan has changed???

  2. Gosh Merrill, you make me blush!

    That experience with rainbow lorikeets was incredible. They flew in a group right at me, separating at the last moment.

    I’ve got a photo or two as they did it somewhere, but anything I put safely away often takes me years to find again. 😉

    The current Hull Global Renga (see the With Words homepage) has changed lives, both children and adults. Not all down to me, just the energy and openness of the people of Hull. One of the friendliest cities I’ve ever encountered.

    For anyone living in Britain/U.K., or visiting, I cannot recommend the city or its people highly enough.

    Alan, With Words

  3. Alan, you’re haiku is just as amazing as Shakespeare himself. It’s amazing. Every word was thought carefully and the imagery of it all is amazing. I’m using your poem in an assesment I have for college and I am extremly proud to do so. You have inspired me to really think of the things in life which go un-noticed. Thankyou so much, Alan. You’ve touched my heart as well as the nations.


  4. Hannah, Alan has a way of using words that are loaded with meaning upon meaning. They are as alive as the birds of which he writes. When words are appreciated in such a manner, they certainly do touch and change worlds… I’m so glad you brought this up to my attention again. Many thanks

  5. Dear Merrill, and Hannah,

    Thank you both for your kind words. 😉

    Hannah, if you want to use any more of my haiku, or a statement etc… from me, just ask. 😉


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