What is in the Railyard

Found this last night after running into someone I know who asked the Warehouse 21 skateboarders…You can see it too:

LOCATION: Saturday September 25th: SUN,FLOWER,SEED: Vehicular installation, 8am – noon

Near Farmer’s Market/ Site Santa Fe. Gallery will be open as well with the TRANSMISSIONS exhibition.


Sun, Flower, Seed: A vehicular installation by Matthew Chase-Daniel

3 day exhibition only

Also, finally got to see the flock of birds alight in the park, thanks to artist Cristy Hengst:

of words
newspaper clippings
old photos
land–ceramic, wax
in the park

(don’t forget
each pigeon’s name
is dove)

propaganda, a poem’s phrase
in German
a daily planner

(don’t forget
not much rhymes with pigeon
but something
rhymes with dove)

airmail blue
like a letter
a hand
a visa
along the unused track
that waits for a ghost train

blue–like a mimeo
message of featherless
feathered by
a windless wind,
head of fiddle head

(don’t forget
carrier pigeons
to send
my regret
my love)

PS. The birds are now for sale. I bought two–I think they will fly into my office at school. Check out http://www.birdsinthepark.blogspot.com/

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