Haiku Jewelry: Liz Wallace’s and Mine

I met Liz Wallace when she was student in my creative writing classes at SFCC. I knew she was an extraordinarily talented and much admired jeweler–and I knew her work because sometimes she’d unroll an impossibly delicate and intricate piece and show it to me. Apparently I told her to consider adding words to her pieces (she remembers this even if I don’t) and the result were her haiku earrings and necklaces. The haiku jewelry is in her most affordable range.

I recently asked her to make me a set. The two earrings read:
river dusk
the clouds


can’t sketch

In addition, the pendant on a silver chain says:
antiphonal cliff
rock face-canyon

I wrote these as part of several long sequences during my August visit to Christ-in-the-Desert Monastery. Now they’re concrete, shimmering decorative. I am going to wear them when I get the Mayor’s Award this month–and to the grocery store!
Liz writes: “I was born in Sacramento, CA, and grew up in a little town called Auburn, a half hour north on I-80. I am Washoe(Lake Tahoe), Maidu(Auburn), and Navajo(Four Corners). My grandma, Nina Wallace, was very encouraging. She had me drawing, sewing, and making crafts for as long as I can remember. While my father, Alan Wallace, was always making jewelry in the garage, I didn’t pick up silver work until I was twenty. I was living in Santa Fe then, and I took a four week course at the Santa Fe Community College. It came naturally to me and sold well, so I kept it up. I tried to go contemporary at first, but that work didn’t catch on. I was exposed to a lot of antique Navajo jewelry though, and when I started cutting my own turquoise and making butterfly pins, I was able to make a name for myself
and have independence. I’ve since made classic style bracelets, earrings, and dragonflies. I love to experiment…. My hobbies include aikido, bellydance, pilates, yoga, swimming, writing, and painting. All of that plays into my work as well. I like to keep evolving and moving forward. I think that is why I was awarded the 2009 SWAIA Fellowship.”
To see her work and schedule, check out http://www.lizwallacerocks.com

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