Roshan Houshmand

As an Iranian-American woman artist, painting is my way to live, understand, question, communicate and explore. My life’s journey has been based around making my art for the past thirty years, and it is how I spend my time when I am not teaching or researching art.
My current “trailscript” paintings evolved from my “Event Paintings” which can be viewed on my website at They were originally inspired by images of particle trails from bubble chambers from Brookhaven National Laboratory and CERN, which intrigued me after attending a lecture on theoretical physics by Brian Greene, professor of physics at Columbia University in 2005.

What began as a study of the movements of charged particles has evolved into an exploration into concepts of chance, change, space and intuition borne from a faith in time and in the ability of the plastic qualities of painting to transform life.

1 thought on “Roshan Houshmand

  1. When I first took a look at these creations, my first impression brought a recollection of a book I read once, entiled, “Chaos: Making a New Science” by James Gleick.
    Peguin Books 1987… So when I see the same patterns in science, and in art, they certainly bear a bit of pondering.
    Thanks for this one.

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