I had a nice time in Nob Hill yesterday–a breezy still autumnal day in Albuquerque. Went to Papers (which has moved, but just a few storefronts down) for my annual notebook buying spree. I love notebooks–the only supplies needed by me as a writer. I need big ones, little ones for my purse, blank ones, lined ones. I need a new one for every project, every journey. They make me happy.
Then to my favorite gallery in the city–Mariposa Gallery ( I visited my favorite haute couture collection–miniature dresses made of metal and what looks like recycled bits–how chic!
Here is a description of the artist:

“Marcia Sednek is best known for her ability to transform found objects into fetching miniature dress sculptures. Using recycled materials like antique cookie tins, old baking pans or even a rusty cheese grader, Sednek forms each dress into a one -of -a -kind piece of art.

For personal adornment, Marcia cuts, twists and bends the same innovative materials into whimsical miniature purse & flower pins. The youngest of sixteen children, Marcia lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.”

I wonder if being the youngest meant hand-me-down-dolls…

Also at Mariposa–a shadowbox by Karan Sipe–with an old fashioned ceramic doll dressed in a map, globe and airplane dangling (Yes, I bought it).

And some beautiful small new paintings by April Park, with dreamy houses, little ducks and creatures, Klee-esque. I loved the one inscribed with the phrase–“wish you were here.”

4 thoughts on “Mariposa

  1. I love hearing about someone else’s different sizes/styles cause I sure have different ones too. Sometimes I feel guilty that I am entering in different ones at same point in my life. So to hear that you use different kinds makes me realize my thing is ok.

    Martha Somerville (owner of Papers) is an old acquaintance of mine and I know she would love hearing this.

    • I actually felt kind of guilty–the truth is–I’ll go through maybe a dozen a year. After a while, the notebook feels full, even if it isn’t finished. I stop wanting to carry it around–start wanting to type it up. Then I want something big and blank I can draw in, or…
      The little “field” books are often the most interesting–just notes, haiku, info, a mishmash. Yesterday I dumped the blue one with elastic clasp from Iceland and started a new one…marks time, place…

  2. I’m a notebook connoisseur as well! If there’s one available everywhere than when something strikes there’s no frantic searching to find some scrap to write on and the chance to lose that thought!

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