Beach Houses

Lots of houses up on stilts–big houses on massive ones. Some look odd–Italianate villas boosted up in the air like trucks on hydraulics. It must be practical, but I don’t understand it completely–as a big storm might wash away your car parked below…
There are a few of these fun UFO houses in Pensacola Beach.

These small, fiberglass houses were made by a Finnish company called Oy Polykem ab in the early ’70s. It was called the “Futuro II” and had a single bedroom, bathroom, U-shaped kitchen area, separate dining area, a curved 23-ft. couch and a central fireplace that doubled as a grill.
Essentially futuristic prefabs!
A lovely house on the beach–like a huge scoured shell:

As is often the case when I love a place I fantasize about buying a house…but here I’d worry all the time that it would be swept away…

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2 thoughts on “Beach Houses

  1. Now Gabi, what would I do with my books…much less my art supplies…or my morgue! Wouldn’t it be a delight to have such a simple life that one could have a shelter like that…but then what would one do with their time? Sit zazen and contemplate the sound of the waves I guess???

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