Sari Notebook Haibun

I was tidying up my stack of blank notebooks when I came upon a small one that had been written in. It was bound, charmingly, in used sari silk–orange and gold.
My nieces must have been visiting, for we’d gone up to Ojo Caliente:

hotspring QUIET ZONE
the little girl
goes on chatting…

As always, when writing a bunch of haiku, I was thinking about my old friend Elizabeth Lamb, and her poetry. Also, something else we had in common:

how I miss her
reading the last
Harry Potter book

the postcard
I can no longer send
address unknown

This little book also took me back to the time when my daughter was a teen-ager and her friend, my unofficial foster daughter, also lived with us from time to time.

midnight loud crickets
still no sound
of the key in the lock

It wasn’t the easiest time.

the sick cat
cuddles up to
the budding apricot

Interestingly, when the cat who was “mine” died the little tuxedo cat who belonged to everyone else in the household bonded with me.

in my window
the cat
wants to chat

And the kids did come home, although in their own time frame.

using cellphones
as flashlights
they sneak back in

7 thoughts on “Sari Notebook Haibun

  1. awesome haikus! i love short form stuff like this a whole lot!
    i especially like ‘midnight loud crickets’. fantastic! and @Diana i second ‘qord quilt’ being awesome!

    great post.

  2. I enjoyed the way this was framed — and the haiku within. I have come to really value the way writings from a particular notebook bring back the hovering (atmospheric) worries, joys, nuances from the particular time that I was filling that notebook up. Sometimes old friends emerge, looking different than I remember them; sometimes fragments of poems leave a puzzle to sift through (sort of archeological); and so on.

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