Natalie Goldberg Paints Paris…and Minneapolis

Here is “Paris Cats” by Natalie Goldberg. I’ve always loved her paintings–in fact own two. Obviously there are about color, but also, I think, about place. And the details of place–how small things give a feeling.

In “Paris Moon” are the antenna dancing because of the moon or vica versa?

And what place could be more different from Paris than Minneapolis?

Yet I know these are two of Nat’s favorite places.

Video excerpt of Natalie leading a workshop here.

2 thoughts on “Natalie Goldberg Paints Paris…and Minneapolis

  1. mir, this is so much fun to have my paintings on your blog but also it made me read your writing which i liked even better than my paintings and i’m beginning to think it is a brilliant idea to have a blog but i am too lazy but i am beginning to understand them through reading yours. much love, natalie

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