A Riddle

not dawn or dream
but in-between

a mossy field
a clefted rock

fissure, split
harelip, gap

fire’s element
path of the serpent

hillock or stone
home to the elf

the giant is husband
to the giantess

what you can’t touch
cannot caress

for it is neither craft
nor art

some say the deepest of crevasse–
the human heart

7 thoughts on “Riddle

  1. Miriam, This is moving and insightful. So much in every word… so many layers of meaning. Thanks for this one.

  2. Merrill–thank you–love having you as a reader. I wrote this in Iceland–influence of the old Norse and Anglo Saxon riddles–which really are pieces of wisdom. But as is so often the case, it didn’t seem finished until months later.

  3. That’s the way poetry is. We have to let the words incubate until we look back and watch where they crack the shell… then get ready to go hunting for a whole lot of worms to keep the brood growing…and growing

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