Interview with Kathleen McCloud


1. What is you personal/aesthetic relationship to the visual line? That is, how do you understand it, use it, etc.
The visual line is intentional, the rest is a mashup of materials, color, and surface that develops through feeling/senses/instincts from the swamp of my unconscious or bubbling awareness.  Through the process of making something- painting, printmaking or sculpture- the visual line steps in to dredge the work from the swamp into its own unique place in the material world. It’s no longer mine. I guess the visual line is the mid-wife gently guiding the birth process from unknown to manifest.

2. Do you find a relationship between making art and the human body? Or between your art and your body?
Most of my work generates from something I’ve seen, heard or felt and lives in the invisible, intimate and interior world of my body/mind until I start moving it into the material world. Occasionally the subject matter deals directly with the body, but more often it shows up as part of an allegorical tale – body as apple,body as animal, body as garden. Art making is very physical and is made in ‘real’ time- so yes, I find a relationship between my body and how it’s feeling and what shows up in the work.

3. Is there anything you dislike about being an artist? Yes,the term artist- it’s too culturally loaded and too vague all at the same time.
Kathleen McCloud was born in White Plains, NY and grew up in several rust belt cities in the Midwest before moving to Boulder, Colorado to  attend the University of Colorado in the mid- 1970’s. She was introduced to the vibrant fiber arts movement, gardening, eastern philosophy, mythology and mysticism— themes that have continued to guide her life and art making.  One reviewer described her “world of bugs, plants, maps, notes and intimate.microcosms’ as a ‘mad scientist vision’’.
“The animated landscape has its own story and keeps informing my art making, It is the way I listen, behold and record my experience of being alive. Currently, I’m investigating the way we navigate the new media environment, straddling instant messaging with agricultural time, the back lit monitor with the night sky. It’s an evolving story, now showing up in projects I’m calling ‘exhifictions’. Fact, fiction, history and future comingle, born of my chronic curiosity about the world and compulsion to make things as a way of pursuing the questions. It is a multi-media process that inevitably leads to the unknown. I don’t know if I’m making it up or it’s making me up but I like the story.”
 Since 1988 she has lived and worked in La Cieneguilla, a historic land-grant community southwest of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

For more–
Images are from “The Garden.”

4 thoughts on “Interview with Kathleen McCloud

  1. Kathleen, you know I love you! Your work is always surprising me. I turn a corner and a sculpture grabs my attention and there’s your name in the corner. Love seeing you here and I do have my eyes peeled for the Axle Van and Futurology 101.

    • Thanks Libby- so great to have the threads of writing and visual art spinning together. Life is so much a ‘multi-media’ experience rather than a one at a time affair.
      I can’t wait to hear what you are writing….

  2. Here’s an invite to everyone in Santa Fe to attend the Friday, March 18th opening reception in mobile gallery Axle Contemporary of Kathleen’s exhibition “Futurology 101: Welcome to the Third Wave.” It’ll be held 5 – 7 pm at the Farmer’s Market Building. Not to be missed!! Read more here
    and here
    (K – your new site looks terrific!!)
    xo Hope

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