Mardi Gras in Santa Fe

I’ve been to “pre-Mardi Gras” in my youth in New Orleans–which was pretty wild in and of itself–and tracked New Mexico’s unlikely celebrations from Red River to Cloudcroft. But my most enduring Mardi Gras has been the strange, funny, wild, little pub crawl in the streets of Santa Fe–thanks to the Hillstompers. It is always perfectly magical to dance in the bar of La Fonda and follow the brass band out into the cold streets. When else do I get to sing “When the Saints Come Marching In”? at the corner of the Plaza or do The Chicken in the lobby of the St. Francis?

I’m pretty much a teetotler, so this has to be done sober–but I do have a beautiful feathered mask and some fabulous beads, including a string adorned with bullfrogs. My spouse looks, well, charmingly different in fool’s cap and long nosed mask from Cirque de Soleil.

These photos are from last year–check out
My favorite part is the stunned and amused looks from patrons and pedestrians, toursists, and passing drivers. Mardi Gras here? Yes indeed.

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