Opportunity for Writers in New Mexico

The residency at the Palovista Ranch looks to support an investigation into collaborative modes of writing, with speakers that in the past have included poet laureate Arthur Sze and novelist Stanley Crawford. The program was founded in 2010 by Daisy Atterbury, who for four weeks directed the program for 10 writers and poets on the 1,920-acre ranch in New Mexico. Co-directing the 2011 two-week residency will be Leo Genji Amino, New York-based poet who founded threadsblog, a call-and-response publication based out of the Kelly Writer’s House that focuses on poetry as process, performance and translation.

By exploring collaboration and alternative publishing practices, the Ranch seeks to foster community among emerging innovative writers, and to promote a mode of critical exchange that privileges writing/speaking to and with, rather than about.

For more information–www.theranchnm.wordpress.com/about

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