Star Midden at night on The Land

These images are from Leah Stravinsky’s glass installation, done on The Land/An Art Site itself–April, 2011

7 thoughts on “Star Midden at night on The Land

  1. Glad you enjoyed them! It was a bit eerie on The Land at night..I saw a creature running in the bushes–it turned out to be a reflection of glass swinging back and forth (I hope!).

  2. Fabulous Mir! Wouldn’t it be nice to see some poetry on these images? HINT HINT! Also, Mir, tell me more. What is this exactly? And where can people see it? What’s the address?
    So gorgeous! Who took the photos?
    It left me curious and wanting more, more info and more writing.
    Thanks for putting these up.

  3. Hi Ana–
    to see the whole project–click on Star Midden in the contents. Leah Stravinsky, the artists, and I collaborated on two installations. You can see the long poem “Star Midden” there–it was our starting point. I wrote it, and Leah then installed these bowls/stars in a tree at The Land/An art site in Mountainair. There was a small opening there in April–anyone can get directions by going to The Land’s website and asking for them. Then we did the larger show in Albuquerque–the images of that opening are also under Star Midden.
    But as Leah just sent me these photos I thought I’d just share them.
    We are hoping to bring a version of the gallery installation to Santa Fe or possibly an additional New Mexico indoor site. Stay tuned!

  4. eerily beautiful – snippets of captured stars. Hope it comes up to Santa Fe. I would love to see this at night

  5. a very short haibun for Miriam Sagan:

    all this long winter’s end i have watched a green lizard daily
    now someone has cut an olive tree near the creature’s home the lizard has left to live elsewhere

    only a shimmer of emerald remains in my memory

    Giselle Maya

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