Forest Fire, Ants, and God’s Computer

Pyromaniac weather. Forest fire moon. Mountains obscured by mist-like smoke. House shut tights. Clear by late morning–the plume shifts as it moves west from Arizona. The name of the forest fire is Wallow–which at first I took to be a verb. Ponderosa ash falls on the windshield. Setting sun like a blood orange suddenly rolling off a table.
We still have ants in the bedroom–everywhere, including the bed–despite my best efforts to (organically) exterminate them. Somehow it seems too much, both smoke and ants, but I know from long experience that God’s computer isn’t keeping track of me that way.


Photograph thanks to Libby Hall

7 thoughts on “Forest Fire, Ants, and God’s Computer

  1. I love this post! Thank you. And on behalf of Arizona, we arizonans feel like we should apologize, as if it’s our fault and
    not the doings of some greater Goddess. Juliette

  2. I love your last sentence. Sometimes I feel picked on. (pssst….I will slip you some bug spray if you don’t mind having a little fire ant blood on your hands, just sayin).

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