10 Best Rock and Roll Movies Ever

I have an incredible weakness for lists and categories. In my household, we can get so distracted by activities like–sing all the songs you know with dogs in them (or cats or birds or anything)–that we are surprised to find the evening gone. To get my full attention, ask me something like–how many novels have the word “love” in the title? Or–what are the dozen greatest condiments of all time?
So I find this list by Jon Freidman, of Marketwatch.com of all things, of the ten best rock and roll movies ever, irresistible.

1.  A Hard Day’s Night
  2.  The Last Waltz
  3.  Gimme Shelter
  4.  Woodstock
  5.  Don’t Look Back
  6.  Help!
  7.  Purple Rain
  8.  Stop Making Sense
  9.  This is Spinal Tap
10.  The Future Is Unwritten: Joe Strummer

Of course I have an opinion, and I’m sure you do too. Like–where is “Monterey Pop?” And what the heck is number 10? Does anyone care about “Performance” besides me? And why no movies about women? (Patti Smith‘s “Dream of Life” WAS disappointing.) And how exactly is this list categorized? It isn’t exactly all documentaries…Could “Dream Girls” count? Or The Commitments? Have movies essentially become music videos? Where is the Lady Gaga movie?

And how many songs in these movies are about dogs?

4 thoughts on “10 Best Rock and Roll Movies Ever

  1. From Facebook:
    Ralph E. Melcher: ‎’The Last Waltz’ is the definitive rock and roll movie. Nothing else really comes to mind offhand.

    Claudia Long: La Bamba? I don’t see many movies but that stays in my mind.

  2. If you’re a fan of punk music, the documentary “Another State of Mind” has to be included on that list, and close to the top. Check it out on Youtube. Also, U2’s Rattle and Hum, the docu that went along with the movie, comes to mind. And if Purple Rain is there, Eddie & The Cruisers should be on that list. And, finally, let’s make it a top 100 list so we can get an Elvis movie in there.

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