Santa Fe Literary Review: Launch Party and Call for Submissions

The Santa Fe Literary Review, 2011 issue, was launched with a gala reception and reading by contributors at Santa Fe Community College on Tuesday.

We are now busy reading for the 2012 issue. Staff is: Meg Tuite, fiction editor, Sudas Clement, poetry editor, Sarah Velez, intern/editor at large, art editor, and Alona Bonano, intern/editor at large.
Santa Fe Literary Review seeks poetry, flash fiction,short memoir/personal essay and visual arts with an edge. Surprise us! No previously published work, please. SFLR accepts submissions year round, to be read in the fall. Send 4-7 pages (snail mail please, no email submissions except for residents outside the US) and SASE for reply only to:

Miriam Sagan
Santa Fe Literary Review
6401 Richards Ave.
Santa Fe, NM 87508.

ART–photography, collage, graphic art, anything that reproduces well in black and white, to Write her for further details.

Deadline for the 2012 issue December 1st, 2011.


Meg, Miriam, and Sudasi

Editors, past and present, with contributors.

3 thoughts on “Santa Fe Literary Review: Launch Party and Call for Submissions

  1. Hi Miriam,

    When you say “no email submissions except for residents living outside the US”, does that mean that you have to be a US citizen to submit, even if living off-shore?

    An Australian – living in Australia – but with family in the States, I have visited there a few times, with poems about America that I’d like to offer. Please let me know whether that would be okay.

    I’m enjoying reading various items from “Miriam’s Well”.

    And thanks once again for posting the call for submissions to my Atlas Poetica Special Feature “Snipe Rising From A Marsh – Birds in Tanka”.

    Best wishes,

    Rodney Williams

  2. We welcome submissions from everyone anywhere–residents/citizens of any country. The work absolutely does not need to be about Santa Fe or the US. Our central mandate is to publish staff, faculty, students at SFCC. Our extended community includes New Mexicans and beyond. I’m very pleased with our ongoing great mix of contributors!

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