Occupywriters.com looking for writers experiences

Occupywriters.com is looking for first-hand accounts of writers’ experiences with the Occupy Wall Streetprotests. Writers who have visited protest sites are encouraged to submit a short statement that captures the movement from a personal perspective. Previous contributors include Alice Walker, Lemony Snicket, and former PEN American Center President Francine Prose.

“JOIN US: Send us your name and work. NOTE: Given the large volume of submissions, there will be some delay before your name appears in the list. Volunteers are entering each and every name by hand.

If you’d like, visit your local occupation and write about it—a paragraph, a poem, a comic, a story, a vignette, anything goes—and send it our way. We’re looking for original writing by signatories to the list. What kind of writing is up to you, but we’re especially interested in hearing accounts, in any form, of your experiences at Occupy camps and protests around the world.”

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