Should I Try and Turn this Dream into a Poem?

I had a dream a few weeks ago that has stayed with me still. I’d like to use it in a poem, but how?

The dream: Opens like a French movie (in French). A voice over says: “It was snowing, but then again, it was always snowing during the ice age.”
A typical French movie heroine–pretty, young, sad, short dark hair,–is in the Metro. Beneath a cloud of steam–beneath a heating grate–she sees a band of old stone age hunters walking along silently.
As the dream/movie progresses, her life becomes entwined with theirs, and the two stories echo each other. The modern woman–the ancient tribe–experience the same things: betrayal, trust, lost, redemption.

Then I woke up.

I could just accept the pleasure of this vision. I happen to love the Neolithic, and think about it a lot. The dream tells me people are the same, whoever they are. The dream also tells me we modern urbanites are alienated from our true nature. And that we aren’t meant to be alone.

Maybe this shouldn’t become a poem. But if it did, how?

7 thoughts on “Should I Try and Turn this Dream into a Poem?

  1. Oh, it already IS a poem! Yes, make a poem of it! Just tell us the story…the dreaming, the woman, the snow, the Metro, the hunters, the mammoths, the places paths cross, the betrayal, loss, redemption…

  2. I think it should become a poem. I am reminded of some of Jean Valentine’s work and thinking about how she makes the title do a lot of work in her poem The Forgiveness Dream: Man from the Warsaw Ghetto. Once we know it’s a dream from the title, we can just enter into the image and narrative. So maybe you use a similar technique? Maybe the title could be something like My Dream Opens Like a French Movie and then the voice over could be the opening lines and the images from the two different stories could start to echo and entwine. Just my 2 cents.

  3. I like using the gift(s) my dream world gives me in many ways. I see it – the dream(s) – as a departure point – inspiration, a resource of high integrity (because it is deeply my own), a rich raw material with which to work… . a place to explore that has (quite possibly) infinite possibilities.

    imo, you have many options with the raw resources of this (or any) dream. so it’s not so much a question of should you or how, it’s (for me) a question of how many variations and distinctly different works do I want to explore.

    yes, go for it (which of course you are already doing) but could you do a different work from it as your starting point 7 times and come up with 7 distinct (or nearly distinct) different works? – one a day for a week possibly? or one a day for a month? or one a day for a…

    sometimes my answer becomes – one a day for as long as I want to explore it.

    …which is usually for as long as it’s fun and I’m excited about doing it as well as the next one too and as long as reasonably new or different twists are being explored in some way with each new work. …sometimes major differences sometimes subtle differences. fun is a key (for me) when doing this..

    have fun. aloha

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