Fractal Poem by Chantal Quincy

Fractal Poem
I want to disappear into the ellipses of dreams
I want to forget the infernal vortexes
Whirling in my head and expanding
In oppressive concentric rings
The breath wrestling through
The lotus roots of my lungs…
Every day the rising sun unveils
A peaceful dawn ceremony
But the mind keeps slashing
The awaited sleeping fog
With its deadly axe
Turning the demonic brain waves
Into a repetitive pattern of abysses
Finally the power of an equinox in the mountains
Gives me the right to demand a miracle
The circumference of insomnia
Divided by the diameter of the will to sleep
Pi to the rescue!
The long struggle is shattered
In an irrational number of snow flakes
I let go and float through the dream catcher
Escaping at last from the wheels of hell
Thank you 3.1416 times!
Chantal Quincy, March 2012

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