Wendover Landing by Christy Hengst and Miriam Sagan

Our show opens at 516 Gallery in Albuquerque the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. Here is a preview of the flocks of birds created by Christy, along with her artist’s statement.


I came back from Wendover with a strong mood of salt and rust.  In my mind’s eye I see the wide expanse of the salt flats, and the iron residue of military industrial endeavors.  These materials found their way onto the birds;  the pigment is iron oxide, the thin sheen is melted soda.
There is something elemental and yet highly melancholic about some places, like Wendover, that also goes beyond specific details and finds an echo in the soul.
Working with Miriam’s poetry, what began to emerge for me most strongly were the lines:
‘it was as if it had happened to me’
‘It was as if it was my fault’.
Two sides of the same human coin.

Christy Hengst

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