516 Gallery Opening of Wendover Landing

Last Saturday night we had a tremendous event at 516. Here are some photos of Alisa Dworsky installing her piece and of the complete sculpture with poem.

This photography, by Christy Hengst (artist who created the birds–see next blog post!) shows me and Alisa very happy at the opening.

1 thought on “516 Gallery Opening of Wendover Landing

  1. Thanks to Lorenzo Atencio for his kind comments below!
    WENDOVER: Compelled to Comment.

    The show is billed as “Time Pieces” and it does not disappoint. The Pieces raise questions about time, such as “is it physical or abstract? and “what do we measure when we measure time?” The show cleverly presents different faces of time created viscerally with seemingly simple words and images of archetypes.

    I was greeted by Miriam Sagan’s beautiful poem “Soledad” which transports magically to Ancient of Days – a time when desire was pure and beautiful and the drive to know ourselves and our world marked a clear path in our daily lives. For a moment, the reader feels the power of looking at the truth in her soul, before judgment and morality flood and overwhelm consciousness. And rejoice! The primal memories can come to you even in the center of desolation.

    Alisa Dworsky’s sculpture complements and completes the image of the poem’s channel to the subconscious by a construction of direct connections between each line of the poem to the primal memory stored in what must be memory storage devices somewhere in our DNA, given the sculpture’s technical precision and exact re-creation of each cell.

    Very professional and profound.

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