Teacher Movies: Mr. Pryzbylewski

No doubt as a fan of “The Wire” I can take a number–there are millions in front of me, including President Obama who said Omar was his favorite character. Well, mine too.
But what about Roland Pryzbylewski? He starts starts off as a incompetent cop and turns into a terrible one. Fear gets him every time, and he ends up shooting. So, good-bye to an interesting but minor character, I thought. Then, re-enter Mr. P. as a rookie inner school teacher. Unable to shoot anyone and having to get by on his wits.
This isn’t “Stand and Deliver.” Its realism is in that not that much changes. Turns out Mr. Pryzbylewski is a gifted math teacher. The kids learn some math, improve their gambling skills, con him some, turn into junkies or high schoolers. And life goes on. Mr. P. has found his character curve, and his life’s calling, but it is just as hard as being a cop.
At the start of class, Mr. Pryzbylewski says: My name is Mr. Pryzbylewski and you can call me…Mr. Pryzbylewski.
He is stuck with his complicated hard to spell Polish last name. He is stuck with himself, and with the seemingly immovable problems of the class. THe kids soon call him Prezbo and Mr. P.
But I like that moment when a teacher is just who he is.

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