Piece by Frances Boyd

Creative writing student Frances Boyd wrote this in response to an object in the woodworking show at SFCC.

Homage to Suzuki Roshi

    The box with the man inside. He’s shut inside, but there are three round stones above his head with hole in the middle this is a very powerful symbols as is the 3 a powerful # and round stones with holes in them have meaning in myths of the goddess. I feel this piece is speaking something of the mysteries of old. Some long lost saga that may lay lost in a deep woods as the paper on the inside looks like its deep dark woods. Maybe this is somehow connected with the Celts of old who believed in magic and the Mother Goddess. Somehow the gentle curve of the wood and the white bone handles speak of another time and place. The stones look to be turquoise which even gives them more magic. If I open the doors will the old saga inside speak to me? He looks like he would, his eyes speak of compassion. The shelves inside are a mystery, what could I put on them if this box was mine? More precious things, that would add to the power already in the box. The inside could even be a cave where the old saga lives all his days alone in mediation learning from the goddess stones for they speak great wisdom. I would love to abide with n the box alone and to mediate into the deep wisdom of the ancient Goddess of the World. She who is the great creator of all the living green things. She who is the lady of the woods. 

And here are some images of the work by Michael Hoffer entitled
“Homage to Suzuki Roshi.”




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