I Am A Character In Natalie Goldberg’s New Book: The True Secret Of Writing

I love Natalie Goldberg’s new book for many reasons. First, it is
a true inspiration. Second, I am in it.
As a writer, I have often written about friends and family–often to their irritation. I’ve tried to be pristine, getting permission, double checking facts, but it isn’t a foolproof system. Plus, I’m a writer. I like to tell my reader everything I’ve discovered about the human condition. Even if it is about other people.
So here I am in Natalie’s book–immortalized. I’m in a classic stance, standing at the board in front of my Santa Fe Community College poetry class. Teaching. It’s what I do.
I won’t give the chapter away–let me just say that Natalie makes me look a little bit more heroic, a little bit more obsessed with writing, than I really am. It is true I was shocked to hear that a weather emergency was causing school to close–and just as I was saying something important! But Nat makes it sound better. And maybe a few of the tiny details aren’t accurate, or the way I remember…hey, I’m starting to sound like my own subjects.
So am I more sympathetic, say, to my husband Rich who found his exploits in Sunday’s Sage Magazine discussed by his co-workers on Monday morning.? Not really. After all, I made him look good too. Maybe the details were off–but that just means he should write his own version.
It may be odd to a character. But I’m enjoying it.
PS. If you buy one new book on writing–make it this one!

5 thoughts on “I Am A Character In Natalie Goldberg’s New Book: The True Secret Of Writing

  1. Natalie has a new book? Goody! Her books have always been such an inspiration to me!!! (I’ll look for you as soon as I get a copy!) Thank you!!!

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