Haiku in The Hood

We are finishing fabricating 3 signs. Each one has a line from the featured haiku by Chiyo-ni, a classical Japanese woman poet.The translation was done by me and Isabel Winson-Sagan, metal work by Isabel and Tim Brown, and lettering from Paper Tiger. The sign below will go up at a height of 5-6 feet in my front yard–Friday is the projected date!
I’ll post more, and the other two signs will go up when finished and sites confirmed. Looks like we have enough front yards, but if you are interested, do drop me a note. It is likely we’ll do another set of 3 for spring, and possibly may offer a package of three for sale (your choice of haiku).

Haiku Conversation

The interesting website Carpe Diem gives haiku prompts–today’s is “conversation.” I’ve been working on a long range project of responding to my friend Elizabeth S. Lamb’s haiku with my own, a haiku conversation even though she is no longer living.

all these doctors–
it’s my own head
that helps ESL

getting blood drawn–
my reward
moon at sunrise MS

Adobe Walls Lit Mag is Back!


Just a note to let you know that I am bringing Adobe Walls back into being. The website is here: http://kpgurney.me/AdobeWalls/AdobeWalls.html

The reading period for submissions to AW #5 is Sept 2013 and the guidelines are on the website.

Also, there is a patron page for people who wish to contribute monetarily to make AW #5 a reality.


Kenneth P. Gurney