Creativity: Barnes, Schein, and Photographs by Libby Hall

Jane Barnes: I always have too much on my plate, it feels like. Right now refusing a short novella (close editing at this point), trying to finish a wedding poem by 3 days from now; writing whatever I scribble in my journal; also writing down beginnings of stories (sometimes whole stories at one take; sorting stories for a story collection; trying to keep an eye on submissions, therefore have 4 poems I wrote to the requirements of a particular contest…And email and fb to attend to. Does it help to know I’m “retired” and therefore have the luxury of writing day and night. I need to go to a movie.

Lorraine Schein: I have set specific goals for myself–some short-term such as finishing a poem or making a deadline, some long, such as putting together a manuscript. I once had a vague goal of writing a novel, but realized I wasn’t interested in doing it.
In terms of completion of work and publication, I’ve achieved most of my goals. I never did finish that novel, but consider that a realization about my interests, not a failure. I’m more focused on internal goals that I set now, not what society deems important writing or publishing–is that failure? I have published a print book and am in many anthologies. But to world, I’m unknown–since I’m a literary writer and poet, not published by a large commercial press.
I’m a dinosaur with technology—I don’t even have a cell phone (gasp! Will I be arrested?), much less a website and miss zines. But I enjoy sending my work through Submittable–it’s so much easier! I may try to do more tech-wise in the future, but I’m apathetic now.
My poetry book, The Futurist’s Mistress is available at

Says it all


Photographs by Libby Hall taken at Cross of the Martyrs, Santa Fe

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