Radish Regret


pulling radishes
I couldn’t bear to thin–just
one perfect red globe


4 thoughts on “Radish Regret

  1. Fun allusion to Issa’s various famous radish haikai verses e.g.


    waga io no fuyu wa kitari keri yase daikon

    winter arrives
    at my hut…
    a scrawny radish

    The radish is appropriately emaciated (yase), reflecting Issa’s typical self-portraiture.

    Maxene Alexander writes, “What I like about this one is … it shows how haiku may include mankind as part of nature – an obvious reflection of Issa’s current situation, reflected by a scrawny radish.”

    Enjoy the other verses by Issa plus translations by David Lanoue:

  2. Alan, thank you for the erudite addition. I guess my situation compared to Issa is both fat and scrawny and no doubt I left too much to nature to truly be a gardener. The radish was quite tasty though!

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