Haiku in The Hood

We are finishing fabricating 3 signs. Each one has a line from the featured haiku by Chiyo-ni, a classical Japanese woman poet.The translation was done by me and Isabel Winson-Sagan, metal work by Isabel and Tim Brown, and lettering from Paper Tiger. The sign below will go up at a height of 5-6 feet in my front yard–Friday is the projected date!
I’ll post more, and the other two signs will go up when finished and sites confirmed. Looks like we have enough front yards, but if you are interested, do drop me a note. It is likely we’ll do another set of 3 for spring, and possibly may offer a package of three for sale (your choice of haiku).

4 thoughts on “Haiku in The Hood

  1. Sweet, Miriam, I love this idea for street art. I’ve been thinking how to introduce poetry into public spaces in our Arts District here in San Miguel. It will probably start with walls or windows, but you’ve reminded me that there are many ways to do it. Love you and your ingenuity. And with Judith Hill and so many other fine poets, we have no excuses! Haikuemos! xoxox Lena

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