In Praise of the Younger Generation

I was recently with a group of Baby Boomers who were intent on bad mouthing the current young–sometimes known as Millennials. There were the usual complaints against texting, tats, and unprofessionally dressed slackers. And this from those who hardly spent their twenties in business suits.
I find this both sad and surprising. I love this generation, which includes my only child, my seven nieces and nephews, the children of my friends, and the majority of my students. I find them cooperative, honest, funny, and caring. And considering the problems of the world they inherit, this is saying a lot.
Mostly, I’m amazed they like me. They hold the door for me, comment on my cute socks, suggest movies and books, and wonder if I need more magnesium in my diet. Would Baby Boomers rather be scorned than loved? That is, do we prefer generational warfare just because it is familiar?
However, we Boomers are becoming increasingly dependent on the young as we age. So why not see their virtues–including the virtue of youth itself?

To be continued.

5 thoughts on “In Praise of the Younger Generation

  1. Miriam, I so agree! Son & daughter, nieces & nephews, and all their friends are a hopeful sign to me as I see them going about their lives, finding their places and supporting each other with laughter, love and encouragement . Cheers to the millenials!

  2. The ‘Millenials’ perceive the world outside of themselves in a manner as different from their parents as the ‘Boomers’ did in relation to theirs. While most of my generation remains obsessed with left-over prejudices of ‘us’ and ‘them’ that we pick up from our fan-based cliques of televised evangelism (I include here what we call ‘The Networks’) and our ongoing obsessions with apocalypse, the young have grown up in continual dialogue with the rest of the world. They perceive possibilities that most of us can’t even imagine. They are our future as well as their own. Get used to it.

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