I’m Still Here–How Are You?

It’s cool and windy and too dry–classic New Mexico spring. Looks like the apricots have made it from blossom to fruit nub without freezing. Nice news although not that thrilling for our yard–our trees produce pretty mealy apricots, loved by earwigs.
Sometimes I look at my house and wish I could start fresh in something new and conventional–a white box. Yet usually I don’t. A festive new bedspread and a rag rug for the pantry help spruce things up. The cat is REALLY old. My friend Kathleen told the cat “you are really old, but this is a good house for an old cat.” She was remembering my gray tabby Cassandra who lived to be a creaky 19.
I’m not young myself.
I feel like I’m living from project to project, and that isn’t bad. The 1/4 mile of art opens April 10 (reception 4-6 pm) on SFCC campus. Isabel and I are working on our suminagashi project–Japanese marbling or spilled ink. The technology of getting text on it is the challenge. We’ll do a run of 10 for the campus poetry posts. Then in July I’m at Salem Arts in upstate New York–I’ll have 24 suminagashi pieces from Iz, then will add “a poem” an hour for 24 and post them on a laundry line or tree. A bit of performance anxiety here.
My friend Devon and I are going to Cape May and we’ll “dry run” some sand poems, using molds. I’m looking forward to collaborating with her, and getting it to look like something that isn’t a sandpiper track. In December, I’m on my own at the grand Betsy Hotel in Miami doing a five day poetry sand project.
I’m happy, worried, scared. I like being off the page.
Rich found me something truly cool–the opportunity to write in Thoreau’s house in Concord (where he was born) for two days. It was on the great site “Bidding for Good” and we won!
I’m worried about many things–ill or frail friends and family members. The Crimea. Global Warming. My bad right leg. My students make me happy, and even after 19 years I love the parking lot at community college–love walking in the door. Really love the “coffee cart” which is now a counter with Carol the coffee lady. I figured out how to add a shot of sugar free hazelnut syrup to pretty much anything. And, don’t laugh my local friends, I finally figured out that Rabbit Road is a much nicer and faster route to work! These things keep me going.
It is surprising, gratifying even, to have been blogging here for so long. Long enough to have fallen in and out of love with it numerous times.
What do you want to read? What shall I write about? What do you want to write? I bet I’d love to publish it.

6 thoughts on “I’m Still Here–How Are You?

  1. You are so inspirational, Miriam. Wonderful post.
    I’ve started my blog finally, it doesn’t hold a candle to yours, but it’s holding the candle anyway… maybe following your light.

  2. HI Miriam:
    Your comment about being worried about ill or frail family members hit home; my mom passed three weeks ago today, and since we’d talked about her and about family in general I thought it might resonate with you. I’m both sad and relieved, and will be grieving for a long time to come. It happens, sooner than you think.

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