Bobby Byrd at Collected Works on Tuesday April 29 at 6 pm

When I arrived in the Southwest, Bobby Byrd’s voice was one of the first I heard, along with Joan Logghe, Arthur Sze, Joe Somoza, Robert Creeley, and Keith Wilson. Venerable poet and veteran publisher of Cinquo Puntos Press he will be reading new poetry–a little bit Beat, a little bit Buddhist, a whole lot of heart.
I’ll introduce him and after the reading we’ll chat and he’ll take questions. I’m thinking of asking him:
Are you a Texan poet or secretly a New Mexican one?
Ask you borders, living on one, how it infuses your imagination, other borders (dream/”reality” and life/death).
Of interest to me…aging as a Muse.
Maybe my old stand-by–what don’t you like about being a poet?

Come join us!

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