Model Solar System

Oddly enough, the post on this blog that gets the most hits is about the model solar system in Moab, Utah. I suspect it pops up if you are googling something like “how to make a model solar system” with tennis balls and glue gun, which it isn’t. I do love such systems though, for both their science and science fiction absurdity.
To wit, earlier this month, Rich and I couldn’t resist a visit to the model solar system in Ithaca, New York. Of course it is named for Carl Sagan, my second cousin once removed, I’m happy to say.
Rich remembers: “Since the inner planets were under construction and some of us (i.e. Miriam) were getting tired we only visited the asteroids, Jupiter, and Saturn.”
The Moosewood Restaurant (yes, of cookbook fame) was near the asteroids, but alas, closed for lunch. Between Jupiter and Saturn folks were demonstrating for peace in the Mideast, more power to them.
As always, we enjoyed an overlay to our sense of travel. Fun just being in Ithaca in any case, and thinking about Ulysses, headed home from his own terrible war.

1 thought on “Model Solar System

  1. There is an outdoor model solar system at SFCC NE of the Health Sciences Building, and one at the ABQ Museum of Natural History.

    Carl Sagan went to my high school, and my calculus teacher taught him also. Does this make me a distant cousin of yours, Miriam? Maybe in astronomical distances, yes! xoxo

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