Today in the Spiritual Quest/Speculative fiction class we shared a pomegranate. The fruit is associated with death and re-birth, with Persephone who ate a few seeds and hence has to remain underground during the winter.

So maybe people were a little nervous taking a taste!

A Jewish teacher once told me that as there are 613 miztvot (commandments, or some say, good deeds) there are 613 seeds in a pomegranate. I didn’t count, but like the idea. The Kabbalists say that since some mitzvas can only be performed in a male body and some only in a female, there is reincarnation or transmigration so one soul can complete all.

Soon it will be Rosh Hashana here in New Mexico, with my yard full of sunflowers and grasshoppers. Every year one praying mantis appears–this year it is on the door of my studio. A sweet new year and shalom to all.


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