I am not Grandma Moses–or am I?

I wanted to add a bit of comment to the poem below, obviously inspired by Moses.
“You’re not Grandma Moses,” an artist friend said recently, meaning I wasn’t going to turn into a visual artist in my sixth decade. This was in relation to my text installation off-the-page work. I had to agree–I was going to continue to need collaborators or a very well thought out design to continue to make these pieces.
Or maybe not. Maybe I can actually teach myself enough to function as an outsider artist.
“I’m not Grandma Moses,” I told an assembled group at Salem Art Works this summer, giving a process talk. But then a young man reminded me that we were indeed in Moses’s neighborhood of upstate New York. And I remembered how I’d loved her work as a child. How she is a great American woman painter. A folk artist, or outsider, or maybe not. And she started with needlework and textile.
So the poem was an exploration of how she was “self taught.” And that is something I can indeed aspire to.

2 thoughts on “I am not Grandma Moses–or am I?

  1. Lovely, Miriam–do it! Be our New Mexico Grandma Moses!

    PS–I don’t know if I’ve ever said hello to you–I’m Katherine Koch, and I went to SAAC. I’m a little younger than you, but I’m friends with Peter Frank, who recommended your blog. My husband and I dream of leaving Brooklyn and moving to NM. I’m a painter who’s writing a memoir, so I know a little what you’re talking about, leaping over to a new art form in middle age. (Are we still middle-aged?)

    I love getting your posts–thanks!


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