How To Give A Hug by Do Mi Stauber

Mmm. Let’s see.

Context: you see someone you care about!
Instructional steps: Hee hee, funny to do this for a hug.
1. Make sure the person wants to have a hug with you. If they come towards you with their arms wide open, you’re good. Otherwise ask: “Do you want a hug?” “Can I hug you?”
2. Open arms wide.
3. One arm over the shoulder, the other arm around the waist.
4. During the hug, be exquisitely sensitive to signals. People like to hug in different ways; follow their lead.
5. If your person is an enthusiastic close hugger, enfold them close, sink into them a little.
6. Take at least one good breath while you’re hugging.
7. Feel how you care for them.
8. Pat them on the back while you’re still hugging.
9. If at any moment they start to release you, let go.
10. Release with a big smile and maybe a cheek kiss if they’re that kind of person.

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1 thought on “How To Give A Hug by Do Mi Stauber

  1. This is so funny. A woman did this to my husband this morning while on his walk. He was surprised and delighted. His hugger also told him he is so cute. Now we know why. She must have seen this somewhere else, such as Facebook!

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