Irene Zahava Offers Sparkling Writing Prompts


I’m also writing to let you know about something else. I have a writing studio in Ithaca, New York where I offer weekly workshops for adults and teens. I also provide Sparks-At-Home for people who can’t come in person but would like to maintain a writing practice. I am inviting you to join!

The writing suggestions (Sparks) are not specifically geared to haiku (or any other short poetry form) BUT you can, of course, use those forms!! You might also find that you enjoy writing prose in response to the ideas I send.

If you visit my blog you will see more about the program.
Just click on the tabs at the top: Sparks at Home; One of my favorite sparks; Sample spark.

Here are all the details spelled out in this email. I do hope to hear from you!

Fondly, zee

The new series of Sparks at Home runs from February – May (16 weeks).

A new writing suggestion will arrive via e-mail, every Sunday morning.

Cost: $50 for a total of 4 months of writing ideas.
NOTE: If two or more people sign up together the cost is $25 each. You can create a mini writing group this way, even if you write on your own and only share occasionally.

Sparks at Home is especially designed for people who can’t attend weekly writing circles at my Ithaca studio, but who want to start or maintain a writing practice.

The sparks provide suggestions that guide you to write from your heart, in whatever genre you choose, at any length. You are writing for yourSelf (but, if you choose to share with others… that’s great too!).

What if you don’t write every week? That’s fine! Some people write each week; some people write once in a while; some people never write at all. I’ve heard from some sparkers who tell me they enjoy THINKING about the ideas, and letting them frame the week, even if they never pick up a pen or pencil.

Whichever way this program works best for you, that’s how you should use it. There are no rules.

Some people call this process SPARKLING. I like that!

If you want me to, I will be happy to read your work from time to time and offer gentle response, though I will not provide detailed critiques or feedback. But you’ll know that you have an occasional audience, if you want one. (Not every week, please.)

1. Send me an e-mail and let me know you want to be on the list of people receiving SPARKS AT HOME. I’ll sign you up right away. (Please include your home address as well.)

2. Send a check for $50 to:
Irene Zahava
307 W State Street
Ithaca NY 14850

Or, if you are signing up as a mini group, $25 each.

To sign up, or ask any questions, please contact me at:

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