Two New Poets

Here is the work of two poets who are new to Miriam’s Well:

Disability’s Face by Marcie Eanes

I am the one 
who struggles daily with disability
Be it physical or mental,
I don’t know pain-free
Sunlight means courage
because God didn’t call my number
Putting on face
when people become frustrated  with my limits
or look past me
deciding I’m asexual, undesirable, voiceless
So surprised when my bite
leaves streaming blood.
Ignorant to the war
sickness is…

I am that one
who will knock down doors
My way
My time
Life’s still pulsing in my spirit
Whenever I decide to lower 
my facade and let you inside;
I ask that you listen with both ears
because my disability
is a full life
I would not wish on anyone

From the book Passion’s Zest: a Collection
by Marcie Eanes
Copyright (c) 2013 , All Rights Reserved
Transcedent Zero Press, Publisher
Available on, 


Stations of the do-not-cross by James Diaz

A place to lay my head
how often there is only stone
a river with two conflicting names
wove the nominal weft clear across
its best to defer repair
until the world is wider
less hungry, afraid
flashing lights
criminalizing how the corners
of the mouth turn into a smile
how lost we become
once we are found
a turning of the page
but sometimes the story continues to lag
dry ever green, four years old
a back then as right now
wanting life to mean more
or less
than it does.

The hours of earth bent backwards by James Diaz

Tell me,
are you near the blank


mountain town

are you alive
down here

how many figures
line the cup
you’ve lost

how… many?

Is god a sample
with a toothpick 
in her back

wispy thread of nothing

are there truths
you know but keep silent
from fear of lighting up
the path in front of you?

Tested by, wrought with,
put together again
and pulled apart by,
where and which way 
do we go from here?

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